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Coaching & Classes

Elizabeth is currently available for

Coaching and Classes (both In Person and Virtually) including Children's Ballet, Yoga, and Cooking Classes!

See more information below!*

*For information regarding parties, classes, or events with

Royal Princess Prep Party Company, please head to!


Are you looking to improve your performance skills and become more confident in your abilities?

Are you a business owner who wants to learn how to build the best brand?

I've got you covered!

A Quick Coaching Session

30 Minutes

For when you don't have much time but need last minute help to prep for that audition or performance!


Let's Get More In Depth

45 Minutes

For when you want to have extra time to discuss and revise your work!


The Full Package

60 Minutes

For when you want to dive deep into the work or want extra time to ask questions!



Do you have a child who loves to dance, move, or cook?

I've got the class for you!

Available as a one on one class or for a group of up to 15 children, these classes are geared for little ones and the perfect weekly after school class!

Ballet or Yoga Class

35-40 Minutes

Learn the basics of Ballet or go on a Yoga Adventure!

Available as a one time class or in a series of classes for a discounted price.

Cooking/Baking Class

40-45 Minutes

The perfect family activity - learn the basics of cooking and have a delicious meal or dessert at the end of class!

Available as a one time class or in a series of classes for a discounted price.

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